Horrible show!! Come on Sunrise you can do better!

I watched a show last night I downloaded called Gundam Age, as a Gundam fan I have to say BANDAI and SUNRISE WHAT WERE YOU DOING?!

This Gundam show was pathetic it didn’t make sense, the plot was lackluster, the characters were bland and the animation was pathetic I used to think Seed Destiny was the worst Gundam series I had ever seen congrats Sunrise and Bandai you topped yourselves. I have seen some bad Gundam series but this was the first non comedic series I flat out hated, Sunrise go back to universal century, heck even the after colony or Cosmic era worlds and stay away from this universe from all eternity. I wasn’t a fan of Seed Destiny and I would take that one over this any day.

Sunrise I hope you learned your lesson from this series and for the love of everything Gundam go back to basics. For the love of everything Ideon was better then this what does that tell you?! Sunrise don’t let history repeat itself please make a better full series then this next time.

Sunrise's worst work so far in my opinion

Sunrise’s worst work so far in my opinion